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Outdoor Foot Print Analysis System
( February 2014 )

Altracon, a leading manufacturer of linear friction testing equipment, recently presented its latest concept for dynamic footprint measurement. The new dynamic outdoor footprint load deflection testing measurement combines the experience and expertise of the company in the field of static and dynamic measuring and high speed data recording. The Altracon OD-LDT consists of a high frequent 3 component piezo sensor dynamo-meter table. The unit allowed a wheel load (Fz) up to 3500 dN at PC-LT or 10000 dN at truck setup. The surface made in special crystalclear safety glass panel features an integrated white or dual white/florescent strobe light system. Together with a highspeed camera, it is thus possible to take footprint pictures and videos of the tyre. The camera is built into the stationary, humidity protected, under floor mounting case. Images can be captured at a resolution of 1696 x 1710 pixels. For video sequences, frame rates of up to 100,000 frames per second are possible. The calibrated lenses geometry allows making measurement of deforming dimension at the recorded picture. Such high resolutions turn measuring into a completely new experience. The optional watering unit enables you to produce water films of up to 10 mm +/-1 mm across the measuring surface. Such test layouts allow you to visualise the function of the tyre structure and tread profile. We have integrated number of additional measuring modules into the surface. By the setup of three laser sensors we measure the speed and acceleration of passing car. A measuring plate with 3-component piezoelectric transducers records the footprint load at a measuring rate of 20 (100) kHz. The Altracon OD-LDT caters for grey value evaluation in combination with a special measuring surface for the determination of the load distribution at the pixel resolution of the high-speed camera.